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STEYR Konzept: the tractor of the future
What requirements will a tractor have to meet in future?
Together with FPT Industrial, we asked ourselves this very question before developing the STEYR Concept. This concept combines innovative technologies in a hitherto unique way to create an environmentally friendly, yet efficient and, above all, functional tractor concept.
At the heart of the system lies a modular hybrid electric drive, comprising a combustion engine, a generator, and several electric motors. The selection of these components creates a compact vehicle design and allows for an optimum overview of the vehicle.
This will provide farmers with a wide range of benefits in future, including enhanced ride comfort, additional flexibility and options, and unparalleled performance in the fields and on the roads.

Gregor Bloéb - Your neighbours will be jealous
Discover how Gregor makes his neighbours´ heads turn when driving a customised new STEYR CVT.

Gregor Bloéb - No need to hurry
See why you shouldn´t mess with a STEYR tractor in this spot with Gregor.

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